Meet Kimberly

Photographer | Product Stylist | Blogger

Hi!  I'm Kimberly.  You can say I'm a bit of a sucker for pretty pictures and unique packaging.  Show me something beautifully presented, and I'm sold!  I’m the girl who buys the decorative wrapping paper made out of natural fibers and finds a card to coordinate with it when I buy gifts for friends and family.  Needless to say, I'm a visual person.  I just can't help it.  There's just something about the external presentation that gets people excited for what's inside.

I think that is what I love about commercial photography.  It gives me the chance to help creative businesses showcase the very best they have to offer to attract their ideal clients.

But, for all my love for the perfect visual presentation of things, I took a different educational and career path to get to where I am today.  After majoring in psychology in college, I went on to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  Although it might seem unrelated, my background in psychology helps me to stay attuned to my clients' needs by creating the perfect images that capture the mood and personality of their brand.

My choice of major also fit with my natural tendency to hang back and observe what is going on around me.  I've always been a bit of an introvert.  But, I come alive when creating and meeting with other creative folks.  For me, that creativity comes in the form of photography, styling, and design.  One of the things that I love most about photography is the ability to connect with people.  Regardless of whether you are shy or outgoing, through your images, you can have a voice.

I'd love to connect with you to hear your story and help to make your brand's voice rise above the crowd!  Together, we will create custom branded images to catapult your visual strategy from launch to beyond.

Interested in collaborations?  So am I!

If you'd like to chat or schedule a session, you can reach me at  You can also connect with me on Instagram.