Be a Blessing: Fall 2017 CAUSEBOX

Flat lay image by Kimberly Murray of Fall CAUSEBOX featuring socially conscious companies.

With everything going on in the world (between natural disasters, mass murders, and...well...justeveryday challenges), I've been thinking about the ways in which people have been a blessing to me and how I can be a blessing to others. Sometimes being a blessing involves making a financial donation or physically stepping in to do some heavy lifting. Other times, it may be as simple and powerful as offering a genuine smile and encouraging words. I was excited that the fall CAUSEBOX challenged me to think of what bold statement I wanted to make. I decided to keep it simple: "Be a Blessing." What I love about CAUSEBOX is that it introduces me to a host of companies that do social good. "The Good News" is that you can read about all of the companies in the box and the ways that they give back.  All of the socially conscious companies included in this edition are listed below.  Which are you most excited to learn more about?  When was the last time you blessed someone or someone blessed you?

  1. BADALA (Hand-painted serving spoons)
  2. MELA ARTISANS (picture frame)
  3. JIMANI COLLECTION (bone necklace)
  4. NISOLO (leather luggage tag)
  5. MR. B'S NECESSITIES (essential oil set)
  6. CATERINA BIANCHINI ("BOLD" art print)
  7. CAUSEBOX (artistic magnet set)