Do Tell // No. 01

Black and gold fashion flat lay by Kimberly Murray

At any given time, I have at least 10 tabs open on my computer and probably about 5 times more on my cell phone. Every time I see an interesting article or recipe on social media or in my email, I click the link and vow to read it later. But, then later never seems to come, so I keep the tab open as a reminder that I still want to read it. I later started emailing myself the links so that I would always have them, but who really wants yet another email to read? (I miss the days when I used to get excited by those three magic words, "You've got mail.") So, I finally decided to start this blog series where I share the helpful, educational, inspirational (you get the idea; insert your adjective of choice) links that I've come across for both you and me. If you check any of them out, let me know what you think!

1.  I love pizza. I love chicken parmesan. Together, they sound like the perfect combination. I'm going to make What's Gaby Cooking's Chicken Parmesan Pizza this week. Oh, and I'm excited that she has weekly meal plans to make life easier.

2.  Apparently, Netflix's new series, Abstract: The Art of Design should be on the must watch list for every entrepreneur, and this is why.

3.  From taking "movement breaks" to practicing gratitude, here are 10 habits that will change your life...and they only take 2 minutes. Who doesn't have 2 minutes in their day?!

4.  Do you mind your manners when you send emails? How many of these 19 email etiquette mistakes are you guilty of? (I maaaay be guilty of putting one too many exclamation points in my emails. I can't help it! I just get so excited sometimes!!!)

5.  What if Disney princesses were revolutionaries? These are the signs that Illustrator Amanda Allen Niday thinks they would carry. Thanks, Teen Vogue, for sharing this with young women.