Reflections on Motherhood: Loom Curated Shoot Highlights

A couple of weeks before I was scheduled to give birth I cut my hair. The signature afro puff that I rocked throughout pregnancy was gone. Suddenly, I was back to the tapered cut that I had spent the past year growing out. But, I knew that motherhood would be much easier if I didn’t have to worry about detangling my hair and combing through my thick curls everyday. So, I cut it…and immediately felt free. Free to just be. To focus on more important things. To not hide behind my hair. To find a level of comfort within myself that I want to model for my children so that they embody the confidence of someone who is comfortable in her or his own skin. When I reflected on this aspect of motherhood, I thought back to my time at Loom Curated where Chaduer exhibited such grace and beauty as she modeled for a group of photographers and stylists. Below are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Creative Team: Ginny Au, Tess Comrie, Veronica Rogers, Kaela Rawson

Underwear: Jonesy

Apothecary Products: Officine Universelle Buly Paris