Interior Inspiration: Nontraditional Baby Girl Nursery

Have I ever told you about the time we had a TV crew of 20+ people in our home to film our nursery makeover? No? happened.

blue and teal nursery for a baby girl

It all started back in April 2016 when my husband and I STILL had not started to decorate (or furnish for that matter) our baby girl's nursery, even though she arrived (as planned) in March. We had all of the best intentions, but, somehow, the time got away from us. We had a general idea of what we wanted, but we decided that the first thing that needed to happen was for us to figure out the flooring...and that is where things got stalled. There were too many options! Because this was our first child (read: overprotective first time mom and dad), we wanted to make sure that we chose the safest material possible. Of course, each option we researched (e.g., carpet, laminate, hardwoods, bamboo) had pros and cons. The next thing we knew, the baby was here, and we certainly didn't have time then!

succulent and hippo bookend in nursery and globe decor

Serendipitously, I had recently joined the Atlanta Mocha Moms, and the President shared that there was a casting call for a nursery makeover. Score! After a multi-step process, we were selected. That's when we learned that it was an HGTV makeover sponsored by American Family Insurance. You don't know how overjoyed we were!

bright girl nursery

One of the things that I appreciated most was that Leigh Ann, the interior designer, really listened to my likes and dislikes. For example, I mentioned that I envisioned a bright space with white furniture and that my favorite color is grey. I was also adamant that I did not want a pink nursery! Gender stereotypes kind of drive me crazy. (I must admit, though, that pink has since grown on me; baby girl seems to like it.) I loved that she went with teal, mint, and blue with feminine touches, like the gem mirror, unicorn lamp, and subtle pink accents in the blanket, mirror, and print. I also appreciated the special touches, like the constellation string art for her space-themed nursery.

constellation string wall art

At the end of the 12-hour shoot day, we had a beautiful place for our baby to grow and a 2-minute video to share our story and dreams for her nursery. Because I love it so much, I decided to do an interiors photo shoot to provide inspiration for other parents who are seeking inspiration for a feminine yet nontraditional nursery for their little one. You can see more photos in the gallery below and check out the video here by clicking on "A Place to Grow."

What do you think? What kind of spaces do you most enjoy?

teal and blue girl nursery