Balancing Motherhood and Business: Bringing Baby to the Job

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Since becoming a mother 11 months ago, I’ve been trying to figure out how to achieve that coveted work-life balance I always hear about.  There are so many books and articles on the topic.  Some say that true balance is a myth; one aspect of your life will always take priority at any given point in time.  Others claim that you can achieve that balance if you just follow xyz steps.  Try as I might, I haven’t seemed to make it work.  But, I am getting closer and am determined to successfully run a business, spend quality time with my daughter, and continue to excel at my 9-to-5 job.  Oh…and get adequate sleep and maybe exercise, get back to practicing by guitar, and go out from time-to-time, too!  Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?!

Baby in lemon and denim Carter's romper

With these thoughts in mind, something clicked during a meeting with a successful businesswoman last week.  She recalled how an acquaintance of hers used to bring her child with her to her meetings.  That reminded me of my friend, Tash, a fellow photographer who always has her daughter, Wisdom, in tow.  After that conversation, I truly had an a-ha moment.  I started thinking more about how I want to be as a mompreneur.  I never thought of it as a real option for myself, but bringing my daughter with me to some of my consultations could absolutely work.  Now that I’ve started thinking about the business part of my so-called work-life balance, it is on to the family side next.  Here are some things I have in mind.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Baby girl in trench coat

1.    Dress my daughter for the part.  I think of my daughter as my mini-me.  After all, people like to tell me that we have the same haircut.  In truth, she is every bit of her dad, too, but he isn’t as particular about what she wears.  I get excited about all of the outfits I see for little girls.  They often look like miniature versions of what I would wear myself.  So, when I bring my daughter with me to a consultation, it will be easy to find stylish outfits to dress her in.  My go to shop for baby clothes is Carter’s because they have such a variety of options from which to choose, from rompers and outfit sets to bodysuits and sleep & play clothes.  They also have little extras, like baby shoes, to top off the looks.  When I meet with a client face-to-face, in addition to learning about my services, they are trying to get a sense of who I am and what I like (and vice versa) to determine whether we are a good fit.  Since I am bringing my daughter with me, I want to make sure that she reflects my style and is representative of my brand.  That is, until she is old enough to decide for herself what style she prefers.

Carter's baby shoes and sandals
Baby girl in pink floral dress

2.    Choose activities that provide inspiration for both of us.  Now that my little one has started to walk, I’m looking forward to getting out and about with her more.  She is in that exploratory phase where she loves to look around, “talk” to other people, and examine things with her hands.  Spring is right around the corner, and I can’t wait to take her to the museum, botanical garden, and zoo.  Also, my friend recently reminded me about a theatre production Atlanta has for young children.  These activities will be a win-win because I get inspired by both art and nature; I get new ideas for styled product shoots and personal projects. I got my daughter the cutest outfits from Carter’s spring collection for these outings.  Carter’s latest fashions are on trend, featuring lemon and denim combos, eyelet ruffles, indigo knits, and dip-dyed fabrics.  I personally love to add a pop of color with my neutrals, so I immediately added the romper to my cart, and I love a floral dress and trench.  They just scream springtime to me.  If you are interested in shopping for baby clothes or baby shoes for your little one, Carter’s has an upcoming baby sale that will run from 2/21 to 3/6.  Plus, the coupon below can be used from 2/9 to 3/6 both in store and online for added savings.

Little girl in field with pink flowers

3.    Block off family time.  Having set office hours is my goal for 2017.  The key will be not just setting the hours, but actually sticking to them…and not trying to throw in a mini photo shoot along the way.  When I’m out on the town and stumble upon a cool location, I have a tendency to want to stop and take pictures, especially if I have a cutely dressed baby with me.  I’m trying to be more intentional these days about experiencing life instead of always documenting it and missing out on real moments.  So, that means that I will be leaving my camera at home on my family days so that I can focus on spending quality time and appreciating the everyday activities as well as planned events.

Baby girl in Carter's dress and coat

So, those are my ideas so far.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you believe that work-life balance is achievable?  What are your thoughts about bringing your child to work with you or showing up to a meeting as a client and discovering that a child is part of the consultation?  Do you think it is professional or something to be frowned upon?

Cute baby girl in sundress and seersucker trench